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Ingeniería Riasbaixas

Rías Baixas is in charge of consulting, projects and management in all phases of the process. It provides technical coverage from the starting idea to the necessary paperwork for terminating the project.
The company complements its activity by all projects and efforts related to the environment, both in global and specific actions.
Rias Baixas has extensive management experience with local, regional and state government.
The engagement to quality, innovation, environment and safety are our core values.


engineering and construction


Environmental Management

Industrial Safety

and fire protection

Ingeniería Riasbaixas

It’s the company that forms up the area of engineering and building in the group Rías Baixas.

It’s dedicated to:

  • Consulting in Industrial Urbanism
  • Detail engineering
  • Project Management
  • New or Alteration Construction Projects and Demmolition Projects
  • Work Management
  • Coordination of health and safety at work
  • Activity Projects
  • Structures Calculations
  • Transformer Substations Projects
  • Low Voltage and High Voltage Projects
  • Lighting design (public and decorative)
  • CE marking and documentation
  • Technical and expert witness report
  • Consulting in Manufacturing operations management
  • Technical support in assembling equipment and industrial installations


Industrial Safety

It’s the company that forms up the area of development of industrial safety and fire protection projects.
It’s dedicated to making Projects on

  • Fire Protection (FP)
  • Chemical Products Storehouses (CPS)
  • Oil Facilities (OF)
  • Gas Facilities (GF)
  • Pressure Equipment Facilities (PE)
  • Air Conditioning and Ventilation Facilities
  • Thermal Installations
  • Design of Renewable Energy Solutions
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas Facilities
  • Emergency Planning & Design
  • Energy audit
  • Formalities at The Public and Private Administrations

seguridad industrial y protección contra incendios

Es la empresa que compone el área del desarrollo de proyectos de seguridad industrial y protección contra incendios.
Se dedica a la realización de Proyectos de:

  • Protección Contra Incendios (PCI)
  • Almacenes de Productos Químicos (APQ)
  • Instalaciones Petrolíferas (IP)
  • Instalaciones de Gas (IG)
  • Instalaciones de Equipos a Presión (EP)
  • Instalaciones de Ventilación y Climatización
  • Instalaciones Térmicas y Frigoríficas
  • Instalaciones de Energías Renovables
  • Instalaciones de almacenamiento y receptoras de G.L.P.
  • Planes de autoprotección y emergencia
  • Auditorías energéticas y propuestas de mejora de eficiencia energética
  • Inscripciones y modificaciones en el registro industrial
  • Legalización de las diversas instalaciones
  • Gestiones de Declaración Catastral

Environmental Management

It’s the company in the group Rías Baixas responsible of providing all the services related to the environment.

It is dedicated to the production of:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Memory
  • Integrated environmental authorization (IPPC)
  • Reports and actions in potentially contaminated soil
  • Authorizations and Waste Management
  • Discharge authorizations
  • Certifications of ISO, EMAS, etc.
  • Subsidy management



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